Exklusiv intervju med Johan Bengs (Production manager, Sabaton)

Johan Bengs, Production manager, Sabaton

Sedan 2012 har vi utfört många uppdrag åt det svenska Heavy Metal-bandet Sabaton. Under vårt senaste möte tog vi tillfället i akt och intervjuade  Johan Bengs, Production manager, Sabaton.

Hi Johan tell me about yourself.

Well, i’m 33 years old and Production manager and light engineer for Sabaton since 2005.
Spare time is something i dream about, it is a word of definitions if you are a entrepreneur and creative in mind I would say.

How did you come in contact with MTAB and what is positive?

I meet Jonas Bengtsson when he was with Soundmoves on Golden God awards in London 2011, he helped me with some smaller logistic questions when Sabaton was support for Iron Maiden 2012 in Russia and Finland and i have been using his services ever since.

The positive is that he is always there, it doesn’t matter when i call or why i call, he have solutions for all of my shipping problems, and since he came back to Sweden and MTAB his area of expertise also involve trucks and trailers.

We used one of the trailers last summer and it worked seamlessly well with everyone in the production, and that is something that is important for us as a band and crew. You need to be  a part of the group when you tour with Sabaton, as everyone is equally important. You are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, right.

Same is with Jonas, as soon as he shows up or handles the freight it gives me, the band and crew a peace of mind that he got all in hand.

How does the near future look for Sabaton and yourself?

Ha ha, thats is for me to know and you to find out, but we are looking forward to keep on working with MTAB and Jonas,  but it’s looking good with a great festival season coming up!

Fun facts about Sabaton:

  • They have two drum risers built as tanks, Walter and Audie.

  • Most songs is stories about history, often about famous battles.

  • The singer Joakim was from the beginning the keyboard player but was put over as full time singer.

  • Sabaton organise and arrange one festival and one cruise every year.

  • Used instruments and equipment is given to a local bar with a live stage in falun to support and help smaller local acts to do play live shows.

  • They own their own tour bus, painted in camouflage just like the stage clothing and guitars.